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This research is related to storynomics tourism as a strategy in tourism development in Paropo village in Makassar, this village is an art village that has given birth to many reliable artists in Makassar city. Paropo village is also an old village that has a relationship with the kingdom of Gowa. In Paropo village there are several popular arts including Kondobuleng dance, pepe pepeka ri makkah dance and sinrili. storynomics tourism approach in Paropo village can be seen from the history of the village and the arts that are still preserved today.


Storynomic Tourism Paropo Village Cultural Tourism

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Anjarsari, H., Badollahi, M., & Suthami Putra, A. (2023). Storynomics Tourism Sebagai Strategi Dalam Pengembangan Kampung Paropo Sebagai Wisata Budaya. Pusaka: Journal of Tourism, Hospitality, Travel and Business Event, 4(1), 91-97.