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Academic distress is indicated to be the cause of students doing academic procrastination in the preparation of their thesis or final projects. This study uses correlational quantitative methods to determine whether there is an effect of academic distress on academic procrastination. This study involved two groups of samples, cinsists of students of the Faculty of Psychology, Makassar State University (N1=164) and the Makassar Tourism Polytechnic (N2=53) who were preparing a thesis or final project selected using accidental sampling technique. Data obtained through a questionnaire by adopting a Likert scale. The results showed that the hypothesis proposed in this study was accepted, that is, there is a positive and significant influence between academic distress on academic procrastination in students who are writing thesis of fonal project.


Kesulitan Akademik; Penundaan Akademik; Tesis; Proyek Akhir

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Awalyah, S., Ahmad Ridfah, A., Nur Akmal, N., & Rijal, S. (2022). Academic Distress Against Academic Procrastination: Analytical Study on Final Semester Students of Makassar Tourism Polytechnic and Faculty of Psychology, Makassar State University. Pusaka: Journal of Tourism, Hospitality, Travel and Business Event, 4(2), 163-169.